If it says DEMO - mode at the top, your licence is not up to date.

You can solve this easily:

  1. You request a new licence
  2. We send you a confirmation e-mail
  3. You request your new licence

You go via the menu: About - Licence


If you would like to apply for a licence, you should definitely fill in the following data:

  • Customer code: shown on the invoice or in the menu: about - Info.
  • Customer Name: Can be found on the invoice or via menu: about - Info
  • E-mail: Very important, because in this way we can reply faster to your licence request.

When you have filled in everything, click on request and we will receive your request by e-mail.

Our staff will then work to add the licence to your customer code.

Afterwards, you will receive an e-mail from us that you can request the licence.

Then do the following:

Menu - About - Licence - The button Ask for licence

Then, if all has gone well, you will see this appear:

Click OK and the DEMO mode is gone.

You may need to restart the program first.

If you still encounter problems, you can create a ticket or contact us via the following e-mail address: