The error message you get in Word is:

This error occurs if you try to open a Microsoft Office document and the file type for that document is blocked by your registry policy setting. For your computer's security, Microsoft or the administrator of this computer has implemented a registry policy setting that prevents files of this type from being opened.

Disable the registry policy setting when you try to open documents of this file type. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 922850.


Add the location of the word file to the trusted locations:

  • Office' button, located at the top left of the screen
  • Click the "Word Options" button, found at the bottom of the menu
  • Click on 'Trusted Centre' on the left of the list
  • Click on the 'Settings for the Trusted Centre...' button
  • Click on 'Trusted Locations' to the left of the list
  • Click on the button 'Add a new location...
  • Select the location where you will place the word documents exported from Accowin. You can also click 'Subfolders in this location will also be trusted' so that you do not have to add too many directories.