As from 2013, negative amounts cannot be mentioned any more on a 281.20 or 281.50 sheet for introduction in Belcotax. It is the intention to adapt the concerned original sheet.
Any changes to a sheet 281 can be carried out by the sender concerned (at the moment the years 2011 until 2013 are available) by opening the menu of Belcotax "Search and Update", afterwards clicking on "Sheets - Modify, Cancel and Add", filling in the number of the original shipment and the KBO number of the debtor + the nature of the sheet 281 and pressing "Search". After the modifications, the declaration concerned must be returned.

Please note that the modification of a record 281 can only be done by the person (= user/sender) with whose data the original consignment was submitted.


Via and 'publications', the demo 'HELP Adding, cancelling and modifying fiches online' is available and shows this procedure step by step.


If this person no longer works for the company or if another person has been appointed to manage the data, a signed request for modification of the user can be sent as an attachment to an e-mail to or by fax to 0257/99234 or by post. In this request you mention the reference number of the shipment(s), the KBO number of the sender and the national register number of the current (= previous) user and that of the new user.

This information and the necessary 'user change form' can be found at via 'FAQ', 'Submit forms - General' and 'Who is allowed to consult or change the data?