You can find the basic manual via the menu: "About" - "Help Belcotax - Finprof".

(See point 6 for creating and sending the declarations and XML file).

We advise you to read through this manual.

In the XML file, several declarations BV can be included.

These can be selected in the screen for the creation of the XML for the tax returns.

(One XML file is then created containing the declarations for the various dossiers).

When generating the XML for the income tax declarations, you can automatically send the declarations to the e-mail address of the declarants.

If necessary, the betdefiches for the indicated month(s) can also be sent to the mail address of the company managers.


The setting for sending the mails can be found in the menu: Parameters - General options, tab "Email".

You can use your standard mail programme (e.g. Outlook) or send the mails directly via your SMTP server.

When using your standard mail program, you have to confirm each mail, when using SMTP you have the choice.