After exporting payroll entries via Soda, I receive the following error message for some customers. 


Please check if there are two declarants with the same company number.

  1. Retrieve the new mandates via the menu: SODA - Update mandates

  2. Remove duplicate declarants if necessary, check whether the check mark SODA
    Be sure to keep the declarant for whom the export SODA is on.

When you go to request the new mandates, you will receive a pdf with information:

  1. No mandate

    If there is a company number here, please check in CodaBox whether it is in the list of mandates.

  2. Declarant not known

    These are companies for which a mandate was requested in Codabox, but who do not exist as a principal in Belcofin.

  3. New mandates
    This is the list of new mandates which have been retrieved.