You receive an e-mail from Finprof that your submission of BV has been refused, this is because you are not allowed to submit a quarterly tax return.

Is the declaration for that customer included with other declarations in one transmission?

  • Then you must delete the declaration for that customer via the menu: Finprof - Declarations 274. (not the sending, otherwise the declarations for other files will also be deleted)
  • If the declaration is sent in a separate dispatch (so the declaration is the only declaration in the dispatch), you can delete the entire dispatch.

After deleting the declaration (or sending it), you can change the file from quarterly to monthly declarer "Period declaration BV", in the data of the declarers.

As a result, monthly declarations will be made for this declarant.

By deleting the quarterly declaration, the 3 months become free again on the betting sheets and you can make monthly declarations for the 3 months of the quarter. 

This must be done per month.

Please note: If the company has staff and the BV is submitted by a social secretariat, you should take this into account for the total amount.