022 will be visible if you have created a sheet 281.20 for 2022.

Consult the manual in the programme via the menu: "About" - "Help Belcotax - Finprof".

or via the following link: Belcofin manual

There are several ways to create a 281.20 chip for the new year:

See chapter 7 in the manual. Generating sheets 281.20 from the wages administration

  1. Generate on the basis of the income recorded on the betting slips
    Consult chapter 7 in the manual.Select the menu : Finprof - Generate sheets 281.20
    Based on the payroll administration, the 281.20 vouchers can be generated automatically for the company managers. These 281.20 sheets can then be forwarded to the authorities via the menu Belcotax.

  2. Via the menu : Belcotax - Fiches 281.20
    Please refer to chapter 3 in the manual.

  3. Via the menu : Belcotax - Make sheets 281.20 for next income year based on selected income year