Is the licence for 2022 in order? 

Please check if the invoice for 2022 has been paid, the licence will be renewed automatically when we record the payment.

2022 becomes visible if you have created a betting slip for 2022.


Creation of a sheet for a new year 

By clicking on the button on the "Basic data" tab, the data of the currently selected record will be transferred to a record for the following year. 

On this new sheet, you can first adjust the parameters in order to generate the revenues for the new year.

You can select the year 2022 in the list of betting chips (you will get an empty list) and add a new chip.

Via the menu: Finprof - Make bets for next ...., you can create a batch of 2022 betting sheets based on the 2021 betting sheets.


Splitting of fees

As for the previous lump sum, you can enter the costs at the detail of the month. The total of the various months is displayed on the supplementary data tab.