The procedure for modifying a file and sending it to Belcotax is as follows:

  • Select the sheet and click on the edit button
    • If the message "If shipment is accepted the file can be replaced by another one..." appears, the file has been sent but either Belcotax shipment number has not been filled in yet or the shipment has not been selected as accepted. You can fill in these data via menu>Belcotax>Sendings, select the correct shipment and fill in the 'Number of the shipment in Belcotax' and tick the box 'Accepted'.
    • When the message "The invoice has already been sent, a replacement invoice will be created" is displayed, you can adjust the data.
  • You can now edit the sheet. It will get the status "Processing" or "Finished". The forwarded file will get the status 'Changed via replacement file'. This way you can always see what the originally sent file was.
  • After having made the adjustments you can send the adjusted file back to Belcotax via

                        Menu > Belcotax > Create XML modified shipments.