Files with a reference containing & cannot be imported into Accowin version 2.

You can import these files using the following method:

  • Start Accowin version 2
  • A screen to import files will appear. There you must click on the button 'open old accowin
  • If accowin version 1 is started, you cannot select files, so you have to click on cancel
  • menu>start>manage files
  • Go to the file where there is an & in the reference.
  • Go to the file page
  • Before the reference it says 'internal code' and you can click on it
  • Then you can enter a new reference for the file. We recommend to replace the & by EN. So if the reference was C&A then new reference will be CENA
  • After changing the reference you must close accowin version 1.
  • You will see the screen to import the file again.
  • Now you can do the import again and it should work.